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CRZ workshop in Junagadh district
As a part of the capacity building initiatives of ICZMP, Gujarat Ecology Commission is implementing a series of workshops on CRZ Notification 2011 in Gujarat State. So far, these workshops have been conducted in 10 districts of the State and have helped more than 400 district level government officials in understanding the nuances of the Notification and its procedures. A similar workshop was conducted in Junagadh district on April 24, 2015. The workshop was attended by 14 participants, which consisted of officials from GPCB, Collector office, Port Office and Forest Department. The participants have well appreciated the workshop reference material provided in English and Gujarati. They have also shared that the workshop helped them in understanding different provisions of the notification, which would certainly help them while taking decision on issues related to coastal area. Images


Research paper published on mangrove restoration & regeneration monitoring in Gulf of Kachchh
Continuing our efforts in creating knowledge benchmarks under ICZMP, Gujarat Ecology Commission has developed a research paper on Mangrove ‬ Restoration and Regeneration Monitoring in Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat State, India, Using Remote Sensing and Geo-Informatics. The paper has been published in the International Journal of Geosciences, April 2015. The paper was developed as a joint study by Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) and under the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZMP) was taken up by Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) and Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo-Informatics (BISAG). The major objective of this study was to monitor the increase in mangrove cover in coastal areas of Gulf of Kachchh using the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite data of 2005, 2011 and 2014. Research Paper


Technical expert consultation for ICZM Plan of Gulf of Kachchh
The ‬ ICZM Plan for the Gulf of Kachchh is being prepared and a Technical Expert Consultation was held at Gandhinagar on April 17, 2015 which brought together more than 50 sector experts. The consultation was Chaired by Shri P. K. Taneja, IAS Additional Chief Secretary, Forests & Environment Department, Government of Gujarat and it helped in gathering views and experiences from the experts and agencies who are involved in various aspects of coastal zone management. The plan is being developed by DHI, India.
Experts from World Bank, SICOM – Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Wildlife Trust of India, MSSRF, NCSCM, SACON, NIO, Space Applications Centre, GEER Foundation, GPCB, Marine National Park – Jamnagar etc. participated in the technical consultation. Images


STP work in progress in Jamnagar
In order to reduce the pollution load on coastal natural resources of Gulf of Kachchh, a Sewage Treatment Plant is being constructed in the city of Jamnagar. The initiative is an integral part of the ICZMP in association with the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation. Recently Shri A. K. Saxena, IFS Member Secretary (GEC) & Project Director (ICZMP Gujarat) visited the site in the first week of April 2015 to review and monitor the work. More than 65 per cent of the work has been completed so far. Images


The ICZM Project in Gujarat is constantly planning & implementing capacity building and communication activities for our beneficiaries- the communities living on Gujarat's coast. In a special initiative to strengthen the village CBOs & create impact sustainability, the SPMU in collaboration with UNNATI- Organization for Development Education, Ahmedabad, condcted a two day-workshop for our field executives in Gandhinagar from Feb 26th- 27th.

The CBO development and strengthening workshop is organized with the special intent to train community mobilizers to facilitate CBO strengthening workshops through SATCOM (Satellite Communication).
UNNATI- our partner in this venture- has prepared the training modules for the learning benefit of CBOs include environmental awareness, capacity building of CBOs, leadership development, accounting and much more to ensure sustainability of the project impact. These modules shall be beamed via SATCOM to the beneficiaries from specific locations in their communities.
The training was inaugurated by Shri A.K. Saxena,IFS, Member Secretary, Gujarat Ecology Commission, Project Director, ICZMP-Gujarat; Shri Tikadhar, CCF, Jamnagar and Shri A.C. Sampat, Director,Gujarat Ecology, Addl. Project Director. Images



what's new

what's new

what's new

Solar Training

A series of workshops were conducted by the Gujarat State Project Management

Entry-Point Activities

As part of the Integrate Coastal Zone Management Project in Gujarat, a number of entry-point activities have been identified after initial interactions



QUIZ - Know Our Coast

Which of these is a benefit derived out of a dense mangrove cover along the coast?
Protection for natural calamities such as hurricanes, cyclones, etc.
Prevention of salinity intrusion
Habitat for increase in marine biodiversity
All of the above