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Interview for the post of Junior Research Fellow and Field Collector cum Assistant for ZSI


Every year, June 5th is dedicated to the environment when the world gets together to celebrate World Environment Day by initiating various actions to conserve Mother Nature, spread environmental awareness and encourage people to act responsibly.In this spirit, Gujarat Ecology Commission initiated several activities on World Environment Day to make people aware as well as to make future generations participate in conservation initiatives Click here to read report


Third Batch of ICZMP training, IIT Kharagpur

SPMU completed the third batch of our training on the ICZMP held from 14-21st July, 2014 at IIT, Kharagpur, West Bengal! The purpose of this multidisciplinary training was to bring together the diverse stakeholders involved in coastal management. The training aimed to sensitize participants on issues related to the coast such as challenges faced by coastal communities, coastal hazards, as well as the science of the coast i.e. coastal geomorphology, importance of the inter-tidal zone,monitoring of coral reefs and mangroves, and much more! Training Schedule



Photography Exhibition extended!

The results of our Photography Competition 'Along the Coast of Gujarat' are in and what a competition it has been! Winner

Our many Congratulations and best wishes to the Winners as well as all the participants who made this competition possible.
A very special thanks to Dr. A.K. Verma, IFS, Member Secretary, Gujarat Ecology Commission, Mr. A.C. Sampat, Director, GEC and Mr. Nischal Joshi, Senior Manager (Project),GEC for their support and guidance to make this event a success. We would also like to thank our jury members Mr. Sanat Shodhan, Mr. Shailesh Raval and Mr. Vinod Gajjar for giving us their time and judging over 100 photographs and selecting the winners which we know was a difficult process as every picture presented the photographers' creative best.
We now invite you to see the talent and creativity of our participants at our exhibition! Kindly see the invitation flyer above for all the necessary details! Invitation

'Beyond Mind Power' - A Workshop for GEC Staff Members

Gujarat Ecology Commission organized a one day workshop on ‘Beyond Mind Power’ for the team of GEC on 20th June 2014 at Gandhinagar. Team members from GEC and representatives of PEAs participated in this workshop. The Director, GEC, Mr. A.C. Sampat inaugurated the workshop and welcomed all the participants to the workshop.
Mr. Naxatra Meuva and his team conducted this workshop, wherein the participants were enlightened about the state of mind, power of thoughts, power of spoken words and much more in a unique interactive manner. More than 70 people participated in the workshop. Such workshops can be potentially useful for organizational and human resource development. Images

On the fringes of earth: A video documentary on dairy initiative in ICZMP Gujarat

The SPMU Gujarat has produced a video-documentary, On the fringes of earth: A success story of Ashiravandh village that showcases the dairy development activities undertaken in Kachchh district by Gujarat Ecology Commission. These activities are an essential part of the ‘Livelihood security of coastal communities’ component of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project in Gujarat. Based on the PRA done in the village during initiation of the project, a milk collection centre was set up in Ashiravandh village to augment livelihood of community. Prior to setting up the centre, several deliberations with the CBO members and community members were done. The collection centres, since then has helped the communities in acquiring better return for milk collected from the village.
The documentary travels through the journey of Ashiravandh village from setting up the milk collection centre to the conservation natural resources. It is indeed a matter of content that the milk collection centre has resulted in reducing dependency of people on coastal resources, thereby has set an example towards conservation of natural resources. The documentary applauds the efforts of community members of Ashiravandh as well as encourages many such villages to take up alternative livelihood measures under the ICZMP.
Few highlights of the documentary are as follows: • Showcases process and approach used to promote livelihood activity in Ashiravandh village under ICZMP. • Involvement of community members in setting up milk collection centre. • Augmentation in earnings by selling the milk collected through designated channels. • Reduction in dependency on coastal natural resources.
The documentary is produced in Gujarati and English


what's new

what's new

what's new

Solar Training

A series of workshops were conducted by the Gujarat State Project Management

Entry-Point Activities

As part of the Integrate Coastal Zone Management Project in Gujarat, a number of entry-point activities have been identified after initial interactions



QUIZ - Know Our Coast

Which of these is a benefit derived out of a dense mangrove cover along the coast?
Protection for natural calamities such as hurricanes, cyclones, etc.
Prevention of salinity intrusion
Habitat for increase in marine biodiversity
All of the above