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The ICZM Yatra: A Journey of the ICZMP!
SPMU GEC is organizing an ICZM yatra or journey to the 160 project villages along the Gulf of Kachchh in a span of two months. The yatra in the form of a tableau is expected to raise awareness about the scope of integrated concept of coastal zone management and share achievements of the ICZM project.
The ICZM Yatra was flagged off today December 18th 2014 by the Hon’ble Minister of Forests and Environment, Govt. of Gujarat Shri Mangubhai Patel The major objectives of the yatra are as follows:
• To raise the awareness about the scope of Integrated Coastal Zone Management, by involving multiple stakeholders of the project.
• To spread awareness and build capacity of community in coastal zone management approach.
• For branding the ICZM project within project areas and showcase involvement of community and other partners.
• To encourage community and people of all ages towards concerns of coastal zone management and would encourage community to be a part of the ICZM process.
The tableau along with the mobilisation team, members of CBOs/EDCs/SHGs and local leaders would make a stopover at all the project villages and would engage the communities and children with discussion, audio-video shows, bhavai etc.
It is expected that the yatra would be inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister of Forests & Environment, Government of Gujarat Shri Mangubhai Patel on December 18, 2014 from Dwarka.
The yatra would provide an insight to the project’s achievements through various displays, printed materials and audio-visual medium. It will help to attract people of all ages towards concerns of coastal zone management and would encourage community to be a continuous part of the process. Images

Cumulative progress report of ICZMP Gujarat
ICZM project has completed four years in Gujarat. The project has been able to reach its stakeholders through interventions. Gujarat Ecology Commission as the SPMU of the project is moving towards institutionalising integrated coastal zone management approach in Gujarat. This progress report has information about all its unique activities, which brings together various stakeholders like coastal communities of Gulf of Kachchh, various government departments, NGOs, industries, academic and research institutes. Progress Report


Delegation from Kingdom of Morocco visits SPMU GEC in Jamnagar, Gujarat

International Cultural Exchange is a strong platform to strengthen ties between countries, their people and cultures as well as promote knowledge sharing! Gujarat Ecology Commission welcomes the honourable delegation from the Kingdom of Morocco to Jamnagar Gujarat as part of the South-South Exchange Programme. The delegation comprises of honourable members of the Moroccan Ministry of Environment, officials from department of natural resources management, maritime fishing and aquaculture development among others. Images


Workshops on the CRZ Notification 2011 for officials of Gir-Somnath District

Workshops to sensitize government officials involved in coastal zone management on the CRZ 2011 notification are an important feature of integrated coastal zone management. The CRZ Workshops are an exercise to enhance knowledge and capacity of government officials associated with coastal zones on coastal zone management.
On September 2nd and 4th, CRZ workshops were held for officials of Gir-Somnath district in the Collector’s Office, Veraval and the Collector’s Office, Ahmedabad respectively. In all 52 officials attended the CRZ workshop. Images


Capacity Building of Government officials in an Integrated framework to strengthen Gujarat’s Coastal Zone Management

On October 17th, Gujarat Ecology Commission, the State Project Management Unit for the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZMP) hosted a workshop on the ICZMP Gujarat in Bhuj, Kutch District for district level officials from various state govt. departments.
The workshop aims to provide a platform for government officials of various departments with reference to coastal zone management, to communicate with one another about existing schemes and how these schemes can be linked to produce outcomes to benefit the communities in Gujarat’s coastal zone. This communication exercise between managers in an integrated framework is an important exercise for integrated management.
Officials belonging to the following departments (and more) shall participate in the workshop:
1. Agriculture, 2. Animal Husbandry, 3. Irrigation, 4. Water Supply, 5. Social Forestry, 6. Rural Development, 7. Education, 8. Health, 9. Watershed Development, 10. Public Works
Within this integrated framework, the workshop is expected to initiate a dialogue on how different departments can form linkages with another to cooperate for integrated coastal zone management. Images

Ozone Day celebrated in 23 villages

On September 16th 2014, the world united in commemorating the International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer "Ozone is a form of oxygen. Oxygen occurs in three different forms in the atmosphere; as oxygen atoms (O), as oxygen molecules (O2) and as zone(O3). Ozone’s unique physical properties allow the ozone layer to act as our planet’s sunscreen, providing an invisible filter to help protect all life forms from the sun’s damaging UV (ultraviolet)rays. Most incoming UV radiation is absorbed by ozone and prevented from reaching the Earth’s surface. Without the protective effect of ozone, life on Earth would not have evolved the way it has." (Ministry of Environment & Forests, Ozone Cell,2008) It is therefore important to preserve the ozone but moreover inform and educate the general public about what the ozone layer is and what is its purpose. With this goal in mind, Gujarat Ecology Commission planned awareness generation activities for community members in ICZMP project villages spanning the districts of Kutch, Jamnagar, Morbi and Dwarka. Activities included information sessions for young school children about the ozone layer followed by rallies throughout the village area with children displaying posters and banners for the occasion. Images

ICZMP Progress Review Meeting with GEC Field Executives

On September 5th under the chairmanship of Project Director, SPMU Gujarat, a progress review meeting with GEC ICZMP Field Executives was held at Infocity club, Gandhinagar.
A monthly meeting with field executives has now become an important part of project management under the ICZMP Gujarat. Regular meetings with field executives give an insight into works and progress at the grassroots level. This also brings to the forefront any challenges field executives may face. This review meeting provided a forum for GEC's field executives to update the project authorities about the progress of their individual works and goals. The project authorities in turn guided field executives and gave valuable inputs to help expedite works and enhance project progress. Images


A Review Meeting for the Project Executive Agencies (PEAs) under the Integrated Coastal Zone Management project (ICZMP) Gujarat was held on 30th August, 2014 at 11.30 hrs in GEC's Conference Hall. The objective of the review meeting was to review current status of the project, progress and any bottlenecks in implementation. With time regular review meetings have helped streamline the course of the ICZM project (Gujarat); increased interaction between the SPMU and PEAs have also helped resolve challenges in a collaborative manner.

PEAs participate in Web/GIS based Decision Support System (DSS) workshop held by BISAG

The 2nd workshop on Web/GIS based Decision Support System(DSS) was organised at BISAG on 27th August, 2014. The workshop's objective was sensitisation and familiarisation of Web-enabled GIS based- Decision Support System for all PEAs under the ICZMP-Gujarat. The workshop was organised to showcase the data integration of various activities carried out by PEAs into web/GIS based DSS. The workshop was organised for the following objectives:
1. To showcase the updated version of the DSS after incorporating the suggestions taken from PEAs during the 1st workshop held on 21st December 2013.
2. To showcase and verify the integration of activity related data into GIS based DSS received from PEAs.
3. Request PEAs to send all the details of various activities to strengthen the DSS to make it powerful tool for taking decisions.
The GIS integrated data of various activities has been verified and non-spatial data (tabular data) to support the spatial data(GPS locations) has been requested.Comments were received from the participants regarding the designing component of the DSS, Homepage development with login details and brief description of ICZM project on the homepage.
The overall feedback of the workshop noted the strong development of framework as well as basic tools and functionalities which will be useful for basic analysis to support decisions.
On the basis of suggestions by participants, weekly monitoring of the suggestions given by participants will be carried out in order to incorporate the same into the DSS. Similar daylong or half-day training programmes can be organised for further understanding of the operation and functioning of DSS. Images

Interview for the post of Junior Research Fellow and Field Collector cum Assistant for ZSI



what's new

what's new

what's new

Solar Training

A series of workshops were conducted by the Gujarat State Project Management

Entry-Point Activities

As part of the Integrate Coastal Zone Management Project in Gujarat, a number of entry-point activities have been identified after initial interactions



QUIZ - Know Our Coast

Which of these is a benefit derived out of a dense mangrove cover along the coast?
Protection for natural calamities such as hurricanes, cyclones, etc.
Prevention of salinity intrusion
Habitat for increase in marine biodiversity
All of the above