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Government officials trained on Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project
Gujarat Ecology Commission, in association with IIT Kharagpur has trained 23 officials on Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project. This was the second batch of training, which was held during February 20-27, 2014. The participants included senior officials from various departments of Government of Gujarat like GPCB, GEER Foundation, Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority, Water Supply Department as well as the SPMU of West Bengal (Institute of Environmental Studies and Wetland Management). The training would indeed help the participants in building their knowledge on various aspects of coastal zone management. Images

Interview for the post of Research Associate & Junior Research Fellow for ZSI


Capacity Building of Government Officials under Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur

Mariculture Development in the ICZMP
Coastal Communities become oriented to Lobster and Crab fattening as a Livelihood option

Under the ICZMP, livelihood development and income generation are very important goals. In addition to being the SPMU for the ICZMP, GEC is also implementing various programs and activities under the socioeconomic development component of the project. As such, livelihood development initiatives comprise an important part of GEC’s work in the ICZMP.
In the past few decades, aquaculture and mariculture development are increasingly becoming a sustainable source of income and food security for millions of people in developing countries including India. Within this framework of mariculture for livelihood development, GEC tied up with UTHAAN, an Ahmedabad based-NGO to conduct a feasibility study to assess the potential for lobster and crab fattening in ten villages of Naliya and Anjar clusters.
Following the feasibility study, on December 12th 2013, orientation sessions on lobster farming were held in Mandvi whereas on December 18th and 19th the orientations were held in Maliya and Mundra respectively. Two experienced trainers from UTHAAN conducted the sessions and explained the process of lobster and crab farming, case studies, its livelihood potential and social benefits. The orientations also selected participants for the next phase of the lobster and crab farming training planned for later this month. The training will be an 8-10 day-long, intensive and demonstration based- activity. Beneficiaries will get firsthand experience of cultivating a lobster pit, feeding and other processes of lobster and crab farming. The trainings will be held in Gandhidham and Naliya; about 100 participants are expected to attend the trainings. Images


what's new

what's new

what's new

Solar Training

A series of workshops were conducted by the Gujarat State Project Management

Entry-Point Activities

As part of the Integrate Coastal Zone Management Project in Gujarat, a number of entry-point activities have been identified after initial interactions



QUIZ - Know Our Coast

Which of these is a benefit derived out of a dense mangrove cover along the coast?
Protection for natural calamities such as hurricanes, cyclones, etc.
Prevention of salinity intrusion
Habitat for increase in marine biodiversity
All of the above